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September 2, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Making website makes headache. More at 11

I realized, unfortunately that, when googled..came up in little italics did you mean

Erm. No.

I like peepsew, but since branding is branding..I bought the domain name about a year and a half ago. Cause I’m branding myself as an artist, so yeah.

I am so headached.

It’s not anywhere near even started. I basically started at the computer and willed it to make itself. This didn’t happen.

Oh well.

As my hero Scarlett o’hara said, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

September 1, 2013 / mrsdeboots


To be short, while I wish this was about art, it’s not.

I have artsomnia.

My 100% intention was to do art this evening. Since I am getting B on a new schedule, he was asleep by 9 and I pulled all my art supplies out to study and possibly get inspiration.

I am apparently not a good sad artist.

What I managed to do was take everything out of a neatly packed storage crate, toss it about in piles, stare at it, become annoyed by my lack of inspiration, realize it was now 11, take a Valium, search Internet for inspiring quotes, fail at that, realize it was 12, try to work on new site and realize that I am obviously dumb, get annoyed my USB thingy won’t connect to computer where I’m staying, start emailing phone photos to self in groups, kill phone battery, charge phone and organize a tote bags worth of notes, receipts, and whatnot.

Now it’s 2:09 am , and I have to re pack all this art crap.

I miss inspirations.

August 31, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Lumpy space princess?

Thank God for the people who love me.

Considering I can get no job until after the court whatnots on the 10th, I am literally running on empty. Like, I’m in the quarters. Thank God for change also.

Despite an entire day at DSS, I have received no monetary help. I have no income and a 2 and a half year old. While I did have some dollars when I left, dollars dwindle quickly when one drives around 700 miles in one day, and is made to waste valuable money driving 8 hours round trip to Raleigh to find out that their case is being continued.

Annnyyyway, point being was art.

This is a custom order from a friend who loves this Lumpy Space Princess person.

It’s freehand, so, I hope she doesn’t completely hate it. Especially since she paid up front.


This is what I copied



The pictures are terrible, I haven’t ironed or framed it yet, but since I thought I had all but forgotten how to art, I’m happy with it.

B is sleeping soundly, and I may try to make some more arts, but I’m unsure. I may just try and sleep. I don’t know.

The nights are the worst.

August 9, 2013 / mrsdeboots

On film I am scarier

My RAW promo video!

click here!

I look and sound like a spaz.

But I have many valid reasons.

1. I was never told where to look. So my eyes roll about like I am having a seizure.

2. There was a sound check with a SAXOPHONE.. Like my ADD was terrible with an elephant type trumpeting noise every few seconds. If you listen, you can hear it.

3. My hair. I have no AC in my car. It was HOT in the building.

4. My face. Well, no real excuse for that. I’m awkward. My whole life. I make weird noises and faces..all of the time. I wonder..with my weird ticks and noises, lack of normal type social skills.. For serious I wonder if I have light light LIGHT Aspergers. For reals.

August 4, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Omg Beads.

I’m so tired of these beads.


Mama Dukes (my mom) gave me the above Tupperware full of beads and various jewelry making supplies.

I made this stupid rule that I couldn’t finish nor start any project until I finished sorting them.

This was made much more tedious due to the fact that, while finishing johnny cash, literally applying like the last 4 beads, I dropped this box in the floor.


They were semi sorted. Now they are that mess. 15 little squares of a multicolored mess.


How many blues are there? A ton. 8 million shades of blue. Oh, and there are 3 different sizes of each color. Oh, and some are iridescent, some solid, and some shiny. Wait, and also some are solid, but coated in clear.



I’ve worked on this about, um, 2 weeks. For appropriately 3 hours a night.

Is my life a complete snooze fest? Um, duh. But as tediousness helps me deal with the enormous amount of stress that has caused me to not only have to eliminate solid food from my diet, but also to lose about 40% of my hair.. I used to have so so much hair. Now, I have several bald spots.

I live on a cocktail of iced coffee, Zantac, Zyrtec, Allegra, adderal, and as an added bonus from my primary care doctor, Valium.


I know. I take them maybe once every 5 days. I think about taking them a lot, but I do not. Why? I don’t know. Control freak I suppose.

Anyway, back to my beads.

August 2, 2013 / mrsdeboots








July 24, 2013 / mrsdeboots

No, I’m not watching Dirty Dancing

I feel like:

1.I’m too crafty for art people.
2.I’m too arty for craft people.
3. My art isn’t taken seriously because I am not sad, bitter, angry, depressed, opinionated, or _________ (fill in this blank)
4. Arty people think I have no technical skill or vision.
5. No one takes me seriously because I make art about puns and song lyrics and Ace Ventura references (I haven’t made this thing yet)
6. Because I have no ‘art training’ past advanced art 4 & 5 in high school, a class which was made for me and like 2 other people, I am not able to function properly as one.
7. My art is seen as un-legit.

Here’s the thing.

My art is TOO legit. It’s too legit to quit.

Hardy har har har.

Maybe I’ve read too much, trying to read all this gobblety gook about artist statements and portfolios and press kits etc had caused me to feel all..blerg.

At my RAW show, a bazillion people took pictures of my art. I sold a decent amount of stuff and felt like I definitely had an audience.

So now I have to look past all the questioning and self doubt I have and try and pursue what I want. I can get discouraged because some local tattoo place can’t even have the common courtesy to email me back, or that I can’t apply to the resident artist program at artspace because I don’t have one person that is a professional artist to write a recommendation letter for me, much less five.

This time, I’m not getting discouraged.

I will talk to myself like I would talk to a friend, instead of like an enemy.

I will continue to try and write this ridiculous artist statement, and try not to be sarcastic or overly flowery or dramatically annoying.

And I will continue to refuse to force myself to take myself too seriously. My art comes from my internal organs. Plain and simple. I see it with my eyeballs, I arrange it with my hands, and my brain lets the two work in unison until my heart is pleased.


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