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July 22, 2013 / mrsdeboots

RAW Raleigh Show July 10

Here’s photos from the RAW raleigh show at Lincoln Theatre on July 10th!

The event was SO much fun, and I’d say zero stress due to the amazing organizational staff and Tomris McDaniel. She is, what I would refer to as the gorgeous, successful, stylish, social, and organized version of me. Meaning we have a very similar sense of humor and eating habits. Anyone that understands the sadness that comes with an empty doughnut case is my future BFF.

Anyway, I have no IDEA how she does it all but she totally does.

So here’s photos. I will try to make sure I credit each person that took them.

Disclaimer: any comments about my appearance have ZERO to do with the photographer. I HATE pictures of myself. Always.

From Lisa Gallo, who took photos and participated in the show:



From official RAW Raleigh photographer Leigh Moose of side yard studios



Setting up..ew. I look yucky. It was only 8000 degrees out and I had run in and out to get 22 boxes so I was sweaty and unkempt.


Ew. I a..dickhead. That’s not a curse word, right? It’s really the first thing I think. And my mouth looks all pursed and strange. But hey, that’s real life!!


1. My glasses are all jacked up again.
2. I look drunk..and I had not drank any beer at this point.
3. My mermaid leggings..they should have had the hot light on them..they were the whole building point if my outfit. living dead clothing is amazing and makes an awesome product.



Drumroll please…I LURVE this one. I love love love it. My profile looks amazing and it’s absolutely untrue but somehow POOF! Amazeballs.

I do look snotty as all outdoors.

And I do enjoy that as we all know how I get along with the ART-eests.

These are ones I may get confused who took. I believe it was Leigh Moose.


I’m not the first table, but the 2nd. You can see the swarms of people’s around it..hehehe



So, at 12:30-1am as I’m dragging my 22 boxes back to my car, I gave Rachel Whisnant (she was at Oak City Hustle table) my bird tree. She had complimented it, and I was sooo unbelievably exhausted and she seemed to really like it, so I gave it to her.


Bye bye tree! I hope you are happy in your new home!

One of the ladies from Carolina style mag talked to me for a while and seemed to really like my art. It was so loud it was hard to talk and/or hear (I’m 60% deaf in my left ear) so I really really need to find out who she was and email her. She was really interested in my hoarding process.

Tomris invited me to brunch at the best restaurant in Raleigh, NOFO @ the pig to discuss some stuff, so I am excited about that. The food, the company, and the plans.
If you are in the Raleigh area..the whoopie pie is ridiculous. Like sweet delicious royal baby perfect.

A lot of people took cards, and I sold a pretty good amount of art!


There was a ton of interest in my work, as it is different, so I’m feeling really confident that if I really push myself and network, network, network, I may not have to be a dermatology nurse for the rest of my life.

Thanks RAWraleigh!!


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