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May 13, 2013 / mrsdeboots

No, I haven’t been kidnapped.

Wow. I haven’t posted since April 30th. I knew I’d been slack.

Why? Numerous reasons. And to fully explain, I shall enumerate them.

1. Denial to the fancy smancy craft show left me irritable.

2. Acceptance into what is basically the equivalent of a fund raiser ice cream party that you only got into because you sold $1000 worth if $30 candy art show. I’ll explain some other time, I’m on the fence about it presently.

3. Trying to sell tickets to above art show. So I can get into it. See above.

4. Working my arse off trying to get art done for show. I am very literally working on at least 10 different things at the moment.

5. Keeping myself a float. I am having some slight health issues, many of which are secondary to stress.

6. Reclaiming my religion. And when I say that, I mean unlearning all the negativity I felt twords Christianity in general due to being brought up in southern Baptist God-hates-you-and-will-punish-you-for-no-reason-except-to-laugh. God is love. I never really knew that. This requires a lot if time, self reflection, and change on my part.

7. Due to #6, I had to change some business cards. My uncommon love of the F word is fairly well known, and since I have changed, my cards had to he altered. That’s 250 marked out F words. Takes time.

8. As my son gets older, he acts more and more like a typical 2 year old. These features are not always attractive. He is an adorable joy, and he makes my life unbelievably amazing and says things that make me laugh so hard, but he also says no to the point that he often makes a song of it.


He refuses to eat anything. He refuses to listen. He has 8 million hot wheels cars that are always underfoot, causing considerable pain to the stepper onner aka me.

9. My job. Ugh!! Diana is leaving for PA school and I am training her replacement. She is really good and learning quick, but training for me is difficult. I am not a good teacher. I am scattered and fragmented and distractable. This is usually not conducive to a great learning environment. Also, my supervisor is stepping down to a regular position and another girl in the clinic is taking her place, 2 people are quitting, another is pregnant and fairly hungry/sickly and other persons are bitter about it and 2 people are going thru a divorce. there is tons beyond tons or drama. I will never work in a practice with only women again.

10. My personal yard sale season has started as of last weekend. Woot! This helps me complete some projects but gives me ideas for new ones, so it’s a double edged sword.

11. Shane is going back to school in August. He is a multi project starter like me, so it seems we both run around like crazy persons trying to complete this or that while starting something else. We have to both find balance prior to August. This proves to be difficult when neither of us has free time to use the bathroom, much less sit down and plan anything.

I leave you with art! And the mess it makes!

And if you like my art, you can help my fundraiser by going here and donating $15! ugh I hate fundraising. But I have to do it so..beside where it says hugely I AM RAW, click buy a ticket. I have to sell 20..I’ve sold 1. Womp womp.


Finished for crystal. Personalized M&M bathroom decor.


Almost complete pin up patch for Shane’s motorcycle bag thingy.





Bird skeleton Christmas ornaments and display. I made the tree from branches and landscaping rocks and wood scraps. Spray painted of course, I have no gold trees nor silver chunk rocks. It’s probably the only thing I’ll sell. Wouldn’t that be my luck?




Panda stuffed animal taxidermy. Not done. Unfortunately now looks like this.


I found that stick thing at the scrap exchange in Durham and it was perfect to finish the project, but resulted in my pretty much taking all the bamboo off. Oh well!


18″ cathedral tin I got off Craigslist for FREE. It’s awesome and I must make something from it prior to June 20th. There’s like 14 of them.













Yeah. So. Yeah.

And this took an hour to write.


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