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March 22, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Toys o’ Jars

My first venture into ‘professional’ looking photos was spoiled this am by me waking up late. I also had a brand new haircut to contend with, so conditions weren’t exactly prime.

Before hair:


After hair: please note, my child was brushing his teeth and the result was the mirror mess. Don’t judge me



toys on jars!


Are they all done?

Of course not!

These 2 are:


This one was just scraped and redone, still needs spray acrylic to protect in from whatever, but I LURVE the silver:


This one needs some work. I have to prime the underneath of the walrus, as you can see the glue. And I think I’m going to add something to lighten the red a bit. I may have to actually reprime it and paint it white, then repaint it red. I wanted like red red, and this looks too dark to me:


Zebra still needs acrylic as well, and as it’s cold as shit here, I think the primer bubbled in the middle of the jar lid, so I’m gonna have to dremel that off and repaint that area. I hate bubbling.


I also got involved on working with Thomas again, so I had quite a bit of shit scattered in the floor last night.

random note
I love the fact that my hair can no longer find its way into paint!


I work in this dumb position to keep myself from hunching so bad, like a semi child’s pose in yoga. As you can see, my before hair was often in danger of paint, glue, getting caught in the sewing machine, etc.





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  1. nurulthecook / Apr 2 2013 3:40 am

    Cute animal lids! Can you hold the animal and unscrew the jar or will the animal come off?? Just wondering. 🙂

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