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March 18, 2013 / mrsdeboots

When to call it quits?

Dremel fun:
Plan: GI Joe that looks eerily like Freddy Mecrucy into iPhone charging station
Status: incomplete



I then dremeled a channel for the cord down the back so the wood block will sit flat. Didn’t photograph that.


Photoshop fun (lie):
Plan: clean up paint lines around peel off letters while maintaining painted on appearance aka making it not look completely photoshopped.
Status: Failure/incomplete


I managed to do 4 things.
1. Scan image
2. Rotate said image
3. Crop image
4. Hate photoshop

Even as the fabulous janene of ooobop offered her help, but I’m really trying to learn on my own. This, I find, is like trying to do nuclear physics. Shane explains things to me like I have a clue what I’m doing, which I have bitched about multiple times on here.

Like multiple Aquarians, I am stubborn, and I am fairly computer savvy, so this really pissed me the hell off.

Piggy pincushion:
Plan: finish adorning pincushion saddle, make fez hat
Status: 98% complete



Fez process:
Cut out shape in yellow, to match saddle, natch.


Use a stiff fabric (here I have used cross stitch fabric scrap from fabric scrap bag from the awesome scrap exchange in Durham


This is to prevent it from collapsing. From the embellishments weight.

Sew it together


Embellish the poo out of it



Make a top, measuring nothing and hoping it fits




Make what you feel to be an appropriate tassel whether it is or not


Take photos in messy living room


Try again on white paper in natural light in attempt to appear professional. Fail due to lack of porch space, shoes, and appropriate clothing for unexpectedly cold morning



Realize while looking at said photos pincushion looks crooked and will need more stuffing. Curse the sky.

Other stuff:

This pig:


This jar topper, who had to be restarted due to liquid nails and bubbling.


This kid, who apparently needs a job as a Kardashian look alike. Thanks to crystal for the photo mash up


I mean really? I’m trying to put him thru private school with my art and he could be a body double! You are 2 now B. time to get a damn job.

Ok, I just did that cause he’s so stinking adorable. So sue me.

Did I mention I reapplied for that Rick and shop market thing? Cause of a mix up with my application not going thru and PayPal being under an old email that I never check? And the world being completely against me at all times?

I believe I did. Anyway, 5 days later, no response. And the show is the first weekend in April, a day on which I believe Shane booked something all day, so I’m trying to decide if i should just say fuck it and try again next year. Cause I kinda need to know..

And the next thing I am applying for is a fancier upscale deal.. It’s in December but you have to apply by mid April due to demand. I have the potential, so I’m told, to make loads of cash..but it also means I have to go to, my actual site that I forget to work on and update..and remove all my ‘colorful language’ and appear to be professional, which I am sure will take eleventy billion years.

Ugh!!!!!! Dammit dammit DAMNIT.


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