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March 10, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Optimism, smotivism

I have tried to remain positive despite not hearing back anything at all from the rock and shop market. On twitter, they posted vendors would be notified by weeks end, and I know of two people who have been accepted. Sooo… Yeah.

They don’t really have a whole crap ton of updates on the process, I never even got any type of confirmation about my application, only a -$10 charge to my Paypal for the application fee. That being said, I think I have several factors working against me, and now that they have been pinpointed (by me), I can hopefully fix them in time for my next try, which I think the deadline is May.

1. I do not have a great art application skill level. As I am not a hipster, or someone who says flowery things. Describing my ‘product’ and submitting a ‘bio’ will always be my downfall, as I am wordy and scattered. And I cannot, for the life of me, remember a thing I said on my application, except for, in my bio, saying ‘I’m very bad at this part.’ Obviously, this part needs work.

2. Despite being married to an amazing photographer, all my photos are taken with my phone, against the background of my house. There is usually toys, dishes, or some type of clutter in the background. Shane believes this was my undoing. What Shane doesn’t understand is how difficult it is to get on his schedule. He has eleventy billion projects going at once, and is stressed and cranky often.

3. No real ‘body of work’. I make what I am inspired to make, but it doesn’t necessarily follow any type of pattern or niche.

4. aka conspiracy theories
4a. No influential friends
4b. No social life
4c. Unknown enemies

The art scene in Raleigh is similar to the film industry in Wilmington. You need friends in the right places. In Wilmington, I did. I believe I had a great reputation, good work, always willing to help out in other ways (direct traffic on Castle Street, let a girl wear my fluffy boots cause it was 43 degrees on the waterfront and she had to be barefoot, etc.). In the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel hill area, I have no friends. In fact, I have unknown enemies. Because of who I am married to. Shane has either dated or pissed off so many people in the area that I never know what I might be getting into. I’m getting my hair cut soon, and am terrified that she knows someone who knows someone and BAM! I have Miley Cyrus hair.

That might sound paranoid, but honestly, it’s a very real concern. Add that to my non existent social life and its a recipe for disaster. And seriously. The last time I went out was..last fall? Maybe? Shane was going to be in a fetish art show and there was an issue between the burlesque people and him and next thing I know, he told me to meet him at a bar down the road.

So there? Perfect example.

5.It could just be that I suck. That my art is contrived and kitschy and everyone hates it. That I’m not professional, that my etsy store is still empty, that my branding is crap. That I’m easily discouraged.

Hells no. I’m awesome.



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  1. KungFuGirl / Mar 11 2013 3:46 pm

    Wow. First off, if there is anything I can ever do to help you with the writing part – let me know. I love to write, and if you can make me understand what you want to say about your art (which I find funny, because to me, art sort of speaks for itself!) I will help you word it.

    Second – I understand what you mean about a “body of work”. I have no “body of work” – most of what I do is doodles in sketchbooks or on papers that no one will ever see – but you have amazing pieces that you can actually point to. So while your work may not neatly fit into one category of art, I would call you a free-thinking visual artist working across mediums. 😉

    Third – Ugh. the “who you know”. This comes into play everywhere doesn’t it? Even in my limited world, I struggle with things where there is a popularity contest involved because it’ss omething I never want to be a part of – any popularity contest, anywhere. I just want people to be people, but it sees like someone is always vying for position with somebody … and so people think I’m a bitch because I don’t participate, I withdraw. Whatever.

    I’m glad you crossed out the “I suck” part. You don’t suck. You have ideas that you express, and that is wonderful. I think what you’ve posted – and the creativity you show when assembling your artwork – is amazing.

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 11 2013 8:35 pm

      You made my day!!!

      You already helped! I cannot, under any circumstances, professional or otherwise, take myself seriously. At least when it comes to art stuff. I despise to read someone’s bio that’s like, “I see the music of life and transfer it to a visual whirlwind of self exploration..”

      *throws up*

      The closest I ever got was:

      Visual acts of whimsy.

      Because, to me, that’s what I do! My art is fun, and not intentionally funny, but the way it plays out often is, and I think that’s pretty awesome! So please PLEASE help me!!

      I’m glad you can relate to the whole who you know scene.. It makes me sickly. All these hipster asshats around the triangle, acting like I suck cause I don’t dress like I feel out of an attic. I dress like a LUNATIC, just not a hipster 🙂

      People either don’t like me cause of Shane, don’t like me cause I’m not cool enough, or the exact same reason as you.. I withdraw cause everyone thinks I’m a bitch!!

      I’m SHY!! Dammit!!!

      Please please write some more about me! Can you sum me up personally in 3 sentences? I will make you a present!!

      Thank you do much for your thought. You are the best!!

  2. Kristah Price / Mar 11 2013 7:06 pm

    Don’t give up. You have amazing talent! Those of us who read your blog already know this. Raleigh will find out eventually, because your art deserves to be seen and appreciated.

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 12 2013 3:54 am

      Aww Kristah!! Thank you! 🙂

      That means the world to me. It truly does. It’s like the hug I needed over the interwebs!

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes / Mar 12 2013 9:36 am

    Love you scrubbing that last line.

    I didn’t quite grasp what it all meant, as I was reading from your current backwards. Now I see.

    I think it’s rude, and just simply wrong, to not have updates and not even acknowledge your application – well, but for the charge. That to me is truly bad business. Just wrong.

    I’ve obviously already read your tomorrow (before your today … I mean this now) and I love the way you just went on and did stuff.

    From my view, you are very talented, and very inspired. You do great stuff. I really hope you don’t give up. And you are WELL within your rights to write again and say “I never got an answer to this. I realise you must be enormously busy, but I’m just sending it again in case the internet failed, or something…”

    I’m interested how things go onward for you.

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 12 2013 11:00 am

      I’m gonna keep tugging along. I’m very usually a give up type of person, but I’m going to keep on trying. I have to! I either get all my art supplies for free or for very cheap and I’m saving all my money I make to fund my sons education.

      The public school system where I live is quite flawed, and the school with the best learning approach is very VERY expensive.

      And I’m gonna be a bug in someone’s arse. I paid $10 for something dammit and alls I want is a yes or no. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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