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March 8, 2013 / mrsdeboots

DIY letter art! Yay!

On Tuesday, we saw an older woman at work who was a self described ‘mystic.’

Being a self described ‘cynic’, I ignored that part of her history, and began my litany of dermatological questions. After answering me, she looks at me and says,

“I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but you don’t sleep well, do you?”

I told her no, as the huge dark circles under my eyes were a huge indicator of the usual 4 hour window if sleep I get on the reg.

She told me that my mind was too busy and my creative energy was being stunted by anxiety. She told me to burn my worries before bed, writing then down on paper and then burning said paper.

She then told me to stop blocking my creative flow, and I needed to create in order to be successful.

I did this last night.

And I think it worked, because I got an awesome idea directly after!!

I am not a great self motivating person, but I decided to make a positive word art thing, where you put stick on letters on a picture, then paint and allow to dry, then peel the letters off, leaving a negative space.


I chose Mae West, as she was this beautiful confident woman, and the quote Be Fucking Fabulous, because my friend Crystal is always trying to motivate me in my pursuit of artistic endeavors, and while she doesn’t curse, I do, so I added my favorite word!


I did google how to spell Fabulous, as I could just see me spelling it in some dyslexic way and banging up the project royally.


And I painted pink, cause its my favorite color. I didn’t paint over the whole thing, like most typography projects have, because I didn’t want to cover up Mae.



I peeled the letters off after letting dry for about an hour. I didn’t know exactly how tricky this would be, so I was meticulous, but still had to do some touch up.


And Var Lar!

I love it, it came out exactly as I wanted it to.

Today I’m supposed to find out if I made it in that art show, and I’ve stressed all week about it.

Regardless, I’m going to be Fucking Fabulous, and keep making my junk, and keep trying to sell it in various venues, dammit.

Too bad this mystic didn’t have some time management advice. I went to sleep quickly once I got into bed, but it was still 1:30am.

But I felt zero anxiety, and had a very positive feeling.



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  1. Kristah Price / Mar 8 2013 10:55 pm

    It looks f***ing fabulous! I hope you get good news from the art show.

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 9 2013 11:17 pm

      Thank you! I’m really happy with it. I’m trying to decide if I want to transfer it onto wood or frame it. Blerg.

      I don’t think I got in, they people in charge said you would get a yes or no response by the end of the week and I got neither. But I’m going to keep trying.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes / Mar 12 2013 9:40 am

    4 hours sleep. Yick, don’t like the sound of that at all. Middle of the night can be magic, but on a regular basis, it’s torture wishing you were sleeping with the rest of the world.

    Love how you got an awesome idea (feels great, doesn’t that?! 🙂 ) & did such awesome stuff about it.

    You’re great at this!

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 12 2013 11:04 am

      I am so honored you came to visit! 🙂

      As I’m positively sure you know, it’s incredibly difficult to find time to get anything done during normal hours for yourself. I have to clean and chase a crazy 2 year old around and keep myself tidy for work, haha, so I function regularly on very little rest. But I’m getting older, and can feel the lack of sleep why I pry my eyes open at 5:30-6.

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