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February 28, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Random progress report.

Random crap update!

I had this happy meal toy I got at a yard sale, some wizard of oz character (scuse me..I’m not to familiar with said film..horrors!) that of course I didn’t take a before photo of, and after searching google, this is the best I could get


I had spray painted primer on him moths ago


And then stuck him in this thing and called it a day.

After deciding to be a brave person, and attempt to get into this rock & shop market in Durham, I have been working like crazy to make stuff to sell. Should I get in. Deadline is tomorrow and I have no idea when they let people I freaked and applied 2 days ago, and didn’t really submit anything awesome, I only did what I had on my phone, which as you know if you frequent here.. Not always the best quality photos, which is sad considering I’m married to a photographer, but I digress.




As I am fairly obsessed with medical stuff, bones and junk, I made him FANCY SKELETON MAN!!


I got these awesome new brushes thank God, as I was using old make-up brushes and a stick


So I got all crazy detailed with the bones. And I lurve them



So now, what to do with him? A business card holder? A random desk clutter item??


Lucky, the day of the dead cat is 99.2% complete.

I am assuming he was some sort of doorstop, as the felt on the bottom was nasty. I’m talking every possible aspect of nasty. Cat pee smell, cat hair, people hair, dirt, grime, etc. After donning gloves, I ripped it off and cleaned the base, then using craft bond and some pink fabric, I recovered the base



That’s it on my porch. Laying in a very in cat like fashion.


Brought indoors to get dry and to experiment with indoor glue fumes and their ability to give me headaches.


Lightly trimmed, then the next night, I covered his eyes I some creepy tape


And spray acrylic-ed the hell out of him.

The rhinestone cowboy is taking a lot of time to complete..not at all due to me, but due to availability of rhinestones. Like, they are expensive as 29 hells.

Example: the brown rhinestones on the left side of the vest? Only that one side, not the back?? Guess how many that is? 180. So that’s $20 if swarski however the F you spell it crystals.



Yeah. So a lot of the rhinestone I had in my posses were from found things, or left over from my former make up artistry, so I had to get industrious.


Since off work strippers have made it undesirable to wear the Victorias Secret pink! brand in public, and the fact that the shirt is around 5 years old, I decided to painstakingly rip all the rhinestones off


Then I started applying them to the hat with my all time favie adhesive





Selfie!! Look at the awkward way I work, no wonder my fricking back hurts. What you can’t see is I’m not lying on the floor. I am bending over my tucked in legs. Think childs pose, but not as graceful.


Keep your fingers crossed for me! If I don’t get in this show ill have to throw a huge hissy fit so if that’s the thing you like, keep your fingers crossed for that instead!

But I’d rather you went for the first one.



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  1. Kristah Price / Mar 1 2013 12:20 am

    I love Day of the Dead cat! The rhinestone cowboy looks awesome. I can only imagine how long it must have taken to glue all those rhinestones on!

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 1 2013 5:15 am

      Thanks! I think I finally finished it tonight.. Oops, I mean this morning, as it was about midnight-ish.

      I LOVE working on that cowboy. While it does take a ridiculous amount of time, I just see the final result as being amazing!

      I’m so glad you like my stuff! I’m honored 😊

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