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February 25, 2013 / mrsdeboots

The devil chasing me in the details

One of my favorite thrift stores is the Durham mission. Why?

It’s huge. There is so much junk in that place in would take at least a couple hours to look at it all. I don’t get to, as I have a 2 year old that has learned to tell me,”hurry up.” Hmph.

My second favorite this is the free bins in the back, where I did thru God only knows how many germ infested items in my hunt for more junk. There are 3 huge bins of toys, and 3 of books. There, in a very embarrassing fashion, I pretty much throw my upper body into the book bin, much like I’m dumpster diving, as all you can see is my legs flailing about in the air.

The best area, besides free of course, is the chotsky (sic) area. It was my favorite, up until around 2 months ago, when I separated from the child and Shane, and was mentally traumatized by one of the worker people.

He was following my so closely I could tell he had been drinking. Of something very strong, like moonshine. I mean, it was strong. Now, I’m all for drinking on the job if you can, you know, yay for you, but don’t freak people out whilst you do it. As he continued to basically jump onto my back, I turned around, hoping the look of annoyance would scare him off. I have been told I make some awful faces, and I am certain I was making one at the time, but dude comes out with,

“You are too aware of me. Why are you so aware of me?”

“ are very..” I struggled for words here, as his not scampering off was so surprising. Usually, I would indicate where my personal space was, and quote one of my favorite movies, letting him know he was all up in mydance space, but then I feared he may dance.

Luckily, crazy looking Shane emerged round the corner, and the crazy man scampered away.

Point being, I myself scamper thru that area fairly quickly now. I scan quickly for anything interesting, then get the fuck out.

Saturday I found a little fox sculpture, faded and looking creepy and awful.

I decided to take him home with me and turn him into the devil.

Now, I didn’t take a before picture, as I was so inspired to do it NOW, as B was going for a nap the second we got home, and I was tired of working on my cat and my muscle head.

I present for your viewing pleasure, the fox.

Ist coat: black all over, red face, red tip of tail. Cause, you know, the devil is a red guy. Allegedly.


Yellow eyes, 1st attempt at devil type mustache. Again, as the devil has facial hair. Cause he’s a hipster.


Didn’t enjoy this mustache, so I wiped it off. Left black smears, but that’s ok. The devil probably has soot on his face. What with all that fire about, he’s sure to be covered in soot. Is that the word? It looks strange.


Little dots were placed in the ears and around face, in day of the dead type fashio






He’s almost done. Just gotta do the same thing as with Puss. Retouch. Blerg.



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