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February 22, 2013 / mrsdeboots

What I intended to do vs what I did

What I intended to do last night, as Shane was out and about, was to finish both of my current pieces, the day of the dead cat and my facial muscles mannequin. I am considering, for the first time ever (pretty much) peddling my art at the Rock and Shop event in Durham. The deadline to apply is March 1st, and it’s juried, so I have to submit photographs of work, completed work, and half my things are half done.. so I need to kinda get on it.

Most of my art is not sold, it is sitting in my studio area for my viewing pleasure, and to put it on public display even if I can even get in, is very nerves a



Working from googled images of cat skeletons, I have to watch myself as I tend to get overly detailed. The beautiful thing about day of the dead painting, to me anyway, is the pop art aspect of it. Things are simple, not shaded, bright, etc.


Kitty has very fluffy fur, and it’s head is angled weird, so the placement if the bones is hard for me to figure out.

The tail was the first thing I did, as it seemed easy enough, but was still tricky because of the texture. I have to paint it white x 2, then go back into all the individual crevices to clean it up with black. And then clea


I painted the ribs on pretty thick, and have to go in today and clean them up with the black so the curves are more apparent, then cover up any gray I accidentally made by painting over the white too quickly.

I take a picture with flash and without flash because each one shows me different issues I either like of need to fix. The flash, unfortunately blows out the white sometimes, so I can’t tell any detail, which is irritatarubg



He is details, details, details, as I want him completely anatomically correct, and plan on checking in with the doctor I work for, so it can be checked for mistakes.


The above is a paper I use almost daily at work, to document injection sites for both Botox and juvederm injections, but only shows the face part. As I am doing an entire head, plus the bust areas (neck and upper chest), I am using several other images, once again



This is tedious work, as colors need mixing to make the correct muscle color, then streaked while still wet so it doesn’t look track-y, and that’s hard with acrylic. Plus, some of these damn diagrams don’t match others! Wtf.


But prior to all this I had to perform basic hygiene on myself (shower) and do a cholesterol treatment on my hair, and do my 18,000 step facial routine. B went to sleep around 10, the other stuff took an hour if I add in minimal house cleaning, and I realized it was almost 1.

I should have just stayed up till 3, as I tossed and turned worrying about Shane who stayed out later that he said he would, and I always fear the worst, so I tossed and turned until he got home at 2:45.

Then got up at 6:39, late for me, and rushed off to work.

So I did not complete ANYTHING.




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  1. Kristah Price / Feb 22 2013 10:45 pm

    You should definitely sell your art. You are so creative! Kitty is looking amazing!

    • mrsdeboots / Feb 23 2013 11:58 am

      Awww Kristah!! Thanks so much! That means the world to me 🙂 you totally made my morning.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes / Mar 3 2013 3:34 am

    What a huge post – but I love it!! I love all of your pics, & your commentary – and especially the ‘Frankenstein moment’. Ha ha – just fantastic 🙂

    You’re very arty – great stuff.

    • mrsdeboots / Mar 3 2013 3:41 am

      I get really… Overexcited about stuff!

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