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February 13, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Under-standing..the longest night ever

You may (or may not) remember this repurposed huge candle holder I made into a cake stand for Leah’s baby shower.



The doctor who hosted the baby shower said her daughter, who loves nothing, loved this thing, and she wanted to know if I could ‘make one’ in white for valentines day. No problemo, incorrectly stated me. This was Thursday. I had a week.

The mom in law arrived that day, and me being a dumbass, never using paint thinner in my life, considered this to be an easy money maker.

Due to a ‘misunderstanding’ between myself and the husband, I had thinly applied paint thinner x 2, just to get enough of the pink off so all that scrolly crap wouldn’t look lumpy.

I had it sitting in the sink on Monday. Monday afternoon we had an impromptu road trip, so yesterday, after working all day and finally getting the child to bed and cleaning the filthy kitchen, I realized the cake stand needed painting tonight, so I could give to the courier in the am, as I work in a different office on Wednesday.

Shane then notified me that the stand was sitting outside, in a bucket of paint thinner.

I’m almost positive I told him I needed it Wednesday for valentines day, but he thought I said I needed it on actual valentines day.

Sooooo.. This begins.

I tried to do this in a 24 like manner, documenting times, so it would be exciting. It’s not, but I tried.



Remove object from bucket.



Horror sets in as I realize the intricate scroll work must be scraped out, as for some reason I thought it just washed away magically.

Paint thinner smell strong. Attempt to neutralize smell with vinegar.


Bring object in house. Realize smell still very strong.


Douse with more vinegar and Dawn. Start scraping with fingernails.



Process not working. Soak in hot water, dawn, and more vinegar. Realize fumes giving headache/buzz.




Decide to let soak, watch toddlers and tiaras, and eat cupcakes.


Wonder if I should extinguish candle as paint thinner fumes strong. Figure if it was that bad, kitchen would already be in flames.

Smelling my hair and shirt, realize paint thinner is on shirt, in hair, along with tiny pink paint fragments. Curse life.






Extreme alarm sets in as I realize all the paint is bubbling off. 4 layers. To reveal pink, tan, brown, greenish, then to the final color, gold.

Scrub with abrasive brush until my arms hurt. Give up. Set in porch to dry, realizing I still must shower. And get up very very early.


I actually woke up at 3:30am, 4:14am, and then again at 4:19. But I wandered outside to retrieve the terrible object, in the rain.

Dry item. Paint item. Set danger in motion, drying with a hair dryer lying on the floor of the storage/laundry room while I attempted to wake the F up and prepare my dark circles for work.


Remember Stephanie’s sleep mask still needs edging to lash line. Do that. Wrap according to usual fashion.. In ziplock bag.

I left my house at 6:14, spraying clear coat on item on m


I sprayed it with clear coat out on the porch in the rain, and dried it with the heater in the car. Besides the paint fumes and lack of sleep, buzz starts again.

Get to work LATE ( I usually like to arrive early, so I don’t have to blog at lunch) buzzing, sleep deprived, and headachy.


Remember I was supposed to do these stupid tags for ‘party committee’ at work.

Wrap cake stand in pathology plastic bags, forgetting to take photo but remembering to pray the courier doesn’t drop it, as it’s encased in laundry bag.

Also pray clear coat was fully dry and doesn’t stick to plastic bag.

Pray I make it thru the day.


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