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February 12, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Work giveth..and work taketh away

At the last work meeting, it was mentioned that I would be creative consultant on the planning committee.
This took me by surprise, as I was barely paying attention at all, concentrating instead on my work doodles.


These are something I can only draw in 2 settings: work meetings and incredibly drawn out church sermons.

Anyway, I digress.

I spoke with the head of said committee, as valentines day was on the way, and I didn’t know what I was to be doing.

She said I could do whatever.

This is of absolutely zero help to me. My work is weird. Believe no one, dermatologists are not the happy go lucky lot depicted on shows such as Scrubs and Greys Anatomy. At least not my dermatologists.

They are a hypersensitive group of women who demand constant typical group of women in power together shit. That would only make sense to the people that work there, so I apologize. They are just sensitive to random shit, and it’s annoying.

Back to the original point, which is that I was left to my own devices for valentines day decorations.

My first idea was big Hershey kisses, made from tin foil and exam table paper, both unused of course. gross.


Cut the table paper into the little Hershey type flags, and wrote some dumb Valentines type sentiment on it. Blue hi-lighter, natch. Cut a Hershey shape in some tin foil. We only have 80,000 rolls of industrial tin foil from drug rep lunches, so I figured, hell, I’m only wasting like, 3 feet?


Then I started on the conversational hearts.


Cut out little hearts


Make them look 3D by adding some hi-lighter action


Then, instead of typical B MINE I decided to make them dermatology related. For my own amusement.


The spacing obviously isn’t perfect, but it was not MINT 2B


After, on my 100% own, no help whatsoever from google thankyouverymuch, coming up with all these gems, I was not only uninvited to the committee I didn’t even want to be a part of meeting, all my plans were scrapped and I was told to paint the lids on urine specimen containers



I was told about 10 minutes after this that not even these services were needed, if I wanted to makes some Pinterest copy tags saying something about Reece’s pieces.


My work is the leader in suppressing any type of actual creativity besides actual communist and fascist countries.

So I guess I’m making stupid ass tags.



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