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February 11, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Office valentines-part 1

My mom-in-law was in town since Thursday, and as Shane was busy with his radio station, and B would have nothing to do with me, nothing at all, I got to go to Target. Alone.

To the average person, this is not anything to be all hop, skip, and jumpy about. But to me? This was like a day pass from jail. Seriously. Shane has trained B to say, hurry up, and not now when I am perusing the clearance racks, and this is incredibly annoying, especially as a chorus.

So I spent 2 glorious hours at target, shopping clearance racks all over, and got a flash idea for valentines gifts for my friends at work.

These were $1.



I wanted to do a kind of Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired mask, as I think hers in the movie is quite awesome.


Now this mask has been DIYed to death, most with questionable results, so if you think mine blows, google some of the others, ha!


Using the tissue undermining scissors I stole from work years ago these scissors I had lying around, I cut out the ugly lace.



I wanted to make them slightly fancier than the BAT original, so I wanted different eyelids to represent eyeshadow, so of course I had diffent scraps littered about, and for my first try went with this silvery stuff.


Which, of course, left a huge fraying mess on my carpet and pants


I then made an eyelid pattern with, what else, the cardboard from the packaging, and made some eyelids


For the eyelashes, I found some black fabric that I had gotten in a fabric scrap bag from the scrap exchange in Durham, and it worked perfect!




As this was a trial of execution, I will blame the television program hart of dixie for making me realize too late that I would need to cover the black masks in another color so the damn eyelashes would show.

For those not in the know, my mother in law is a living saint..except for her taste in tv, which is questionable at best. Hallmark and lifetime are her favies, but with Netflix, the best we could do was this show described as “Fast talking New York doctor, Zoe Hart, has her life all figure out until,” blah blah she has to move to bum fuck south and learn how southern people live. Ok so I add libbed the last part, but that’s the general idea. Like a car accident, one tries not to rubber neck, but ends up doing just that. I get sucked into the drama, the southern stereotypes, and of course, the who is sleeping with who.

Anyway, I was distracted.


So I had to rip then off and start on another trial.


The stupid eyelids of course needed darts to look right, and then the placement was throwing me all off so, blerg. I gave into the tv, realized my phone was dying and my charger was at work, so I gave up for the evening.

Which leads us to here. Sorry about lack of documentation.


I basically strung silver beads and attached them with my favie, the glue gun. I put them out side the eyelids and around the parameter of the mask, in attempt to make it appear, um, glamorous?

Then after numerous attempts to make the simple BAT type eyebrows, which appeared awful, I went with a more modern arch type, which I couldn’t for the life of me, make out of beads.

So I cut the shapes from fabric, and glued them on, then embroidered over to make it look neat.




Still a little work to do! Will update later.


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