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January 20, 2013 / mrsdeboots

Homemade Christmas-Part deux: Tree Skirt

Late as 20 hells, i know. I was sick, planning a baby shower, etc, etc. I’ve been busy.

So the doctor I work for gave me the most awesome of awesome gifts, which is the sold out for months Eat Cake for Breakfast Kate Spade bag.

This bag was, as I mentioned, sold out months ago, and expensive, and I am sure it was difficult to find. This shows not only how much she pays attention to my ramblings of things-i-must-obtail-or-i-shall-surely-perish, but how intensly generous and kind she is.


As I was sitting in a crowded resturant, cradlind my bag to my chest like a newborn baby, trying not to cry of joy or make anymore embarrassing noises (upon seeing the colors of what I reconginzed as the bag, I screamed), I pleaded with her, please Dr., you can’t just say, get me anything, or I don’t need anything, just tell me something that you want!

I had gotten definite ideas for everyone else, but as she is a doctor, she can pretty much get whatever the hell she wants when she wants it.

After thinking for a moment, she said she has been meaning for years to get a tree skirt, but never gets around to it. Nothing fancy, just something simple, felt or whatever.

Suuuurrreee. I despise felt.

Luckily for me, from both the frock coat and the Scarlett Ohara, I had some leftovers that I could use to make the..


I mean, it had to be. This woman, she works me to death, but I really do love her, and consider her as much of a friend as you can when someone is your boss, and she deserves something special.

So thus began my 4 day tree skirt adventure. This was Monday. The last day of work before christmas was Thursday.

That afternoon, I looked for inspiration at expensive stores, like Neiman Marcus and Saks.

Fun fact: Did you know there are tree skirts that cost upwards of $600? Yikes. Merry Christmas.

So I traced my own tree skirt onto the leftover red suede from the frock coat.

Then, I glued on leftover gold trim from the Scarlett O’Hara dress.


Unfortunately, I was about 6 inches short, so I had to rip the trim from her hat, (**link**) but that’s ok, it had served it’s purpose by then.

I saw a skirt on Neiman Marcus that was very simple, red with green trees made with 3 single leaf shapes on each side. I made a pattern and was searching out some fabric when the child awoke. Ended work for that day.

My original plan was to sew everything in place. That was not to be the case. Time constraints and the ever present toddler went against me, and I found myself fervershly working until the last possible second. That second being 3 am on Thursday morning.

The problem was, the beautiful green upholstrey fabric I had chosen frayed like shit.



Not having time to go to the store to find some annoyingly hard thing to use like fray block or interfacing or whatever the hell people that know what they are doing use, I decided to trace around the edges with the glue gun. Sounds easy in theroy, not so easy in life. Extremely tedious.

Then I get the bright idea to use mod podge. After that bright idea, I stupidly left the painstakingly cut million leaves in the kitchen floor along with an open container of mod podge.

Thank the good Lord he didn’t drink the mod podge, but he did manage to dump the whole container in the floor. And that crap comes in like a 90oz freaking tub, and it soaked my precious leaves, as well as making what can olny be desribed as an Exxon Valdeiz type disaster, difficult to both clean up and explain.<

Well, I though, at least when these dry, they will be crispy and non frayed!


They turned brown. It was not pretty.

So I had to replace all the leaves, re cutting and re glue gunning until my hands cramped.

So now I had a stack of leaves, burnt up fingers, painful eyes, and precious little time to arrange shit.


I laid it all out like so:


The doctor I work for not only is awesome, so also has my sense of humor..dark, self deprecating, and hilarious. As her large family visits during the holidays, I can always count her to add on work days while all the other docs are taking multiple days off. I kept asking her what she wanted, and she kept answering a noose, to which I laughed. because I understood.

So this is where the inside joke comes in. I sewed these buttons on, as everyone knows a tree skirt has to attach to itself somehow, we don’t put a trees skirt over it’s head or have it step into it like a person, duh. So I made tiny little nooses to put over the buttons to keep it firmly attached to itself, and to give her a giggle when she is setting up the tree.





I put a bead on the noose-y end so it didn’t pull through and mess up. So here’s me, at around 4am right before Christmas googling “how to tie a noose” ha ha ha!

In my exhaustion, I neglected to make any effort at all to wrap this thing. I put in the largest box I had, and covered the end that stuck out with red tissue paper. From the present she gave me. Fancy bitch, I know.


ETA: She LOVED it. I dare say she lurved it. She told me it would be an heirloom that she would pass on to her daughter (Now if that’s not pressure..wish I hadn’t used that damned glue gun), and said it was the best present she had ever received. She gushed quite a bit about it, showed it to patients, texted me photos of it under the tree, and wrote me the sweetest thank you card.




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  1. KungFuGirl / Jan 21 2013 9:14 pm

    I love, love, LOVE this! The tree skirt, your creativity & ingenuity, and most of all, THE NOOSES!!!! OMG I am SO going to incorporate that into the next homemade item I make for Christmas … The tree skirt is beautiful. 🙂

    • mrsdeboots / Jan 21 2013 10:09 pm

      Thank you!! She told me for weeks that’s what she wanted and I was like, um, that, no matter how pretty I make it, is NOT a good Christmas present. But as soon as I remembered the tie things on the tree skirt I was like yay!

      She wrote me the sweetest thank you. It’s still hard for me to believe she liked it as much as she did. It’s always a goal, but you never really know.

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