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December 12, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Uninspired Christmas- book scribble and whatnot

I am poorer than poor this year, and as I am having what I would refer to as a bullshit week, I am in a negative mood.

Negatively does not feed my art as it does some other people I know.  I am not a moody artist, I don’t require pain to make shit, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.


This was an idea I saw on pinterest, but this, to me, isn’t a coworker gift, and that’s what I’m currently working on.  Books to me are so personal, I don’t feel like people would get my favorite quotes in the way that I do.  Plus, even though it is my 3rd copy of the Great Gatsby, and it is filled with mold spores, I hated scribbling on it, even though it has a cool visual effect.

Ah, the coworker DIY gift. Go ahead and google that, and see all the useless crap you can throw about. Oh, a jar filled with crap to bake with! How clever! You just gave me a chore, or something that is sure to attract ants.


It’s always cutesy wutesy crap that I cannot stand. Post it note holders. Jars of lights, candles wrapped in skittles..

I like things to be personal. If I give you something I made, I want you to cherish that shit. I want it to be one if the things you’d grab in a fire. The things I’ve made that were not of this caliber embarrass me. And I don’t mean that in a pretentious way, I mean it in a Camille way, which, if you knew me, is very very different.


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