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September 25, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Functional art

Please excuse my lack of legitimate posting, I’ve been beyond ill with an allergy induced sinus infection.  Thanks NC, you evil evil pollen/mold/dander producing state of Satan.

Anyways, on to the art.

On a yard sale streak a few weeks ago, I bought a fancy branch of a crepe myrtle tree.  Did I spell that wrong? Oh well. It’s a facking tree.  And a plank of some sort of tree.


Oops, forgot to crop. Excuse that other crap.

Shane, my husband, laughed at my tree branch.  I liked it, thought it had character.  The board was pretty to, I liked the face that the sides were unaltered, so it still looked like tree.



I had forgotten about these things, as I am a hoarder, and had hid them in my studio, away from the judgemental eyes of my son, who yelled, “Tee! Tee!” at every sighting of the branch, and at every venture outdoors tried to bring every stick he found into my studio area to join its brother stick.

B, my son, eats more bananas than I’m sure is normal.  This is lucky, as I refuse to spend $19 on a stupid banana tree to keep the damn things from getting angry something is in their dance space, so they go bad fairly quickly.

**I just spent 10 minutes looking for somr sort of source link for the banana tree conspiracy, and no one explained it as well as I did, so there.** epiphany!  I would make my own banana tree..out of my stick!  And my sweet plank!

Both fortunately and unfortunately, I consulted with Shane on this project.  He pointed out a weight discrepancy that would cause my project to falter, and also a microscopic hairline crack in my plank, one that would become the certain death of my plank when a nail or screw was applied.

He suggested a cutting board, something that was heavy and possibly weighted. 

And I pouted, as I couldn’t do what I wanted to do right when I wanted to.  I felt that the bark still attached to my plank was so authentic, and a cutting board..a cutting board? It would rob my project of all its artistic authenticity.

But..I did it anyway.  After adding a small cup hook to the longest branch, ta dah!!



Banana Tree!!



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  1. lizeccentric7 / Sep 26 2012 3:04 am

    First, love your new Gravatar photo, it’s beautiful!
    Second, the above banana tree idea is a wonderful and artist piece of art that is functional….I myself have been looking for a banana tree I like for years….never found one that would not get on my nerves sitting on the kitchen counter for forever.

    Wow peepsew (this is what I listed your name as on my blogroll), I hope you copyright this invention, because this is clever, and looks easy.

    I am going to ask my husband to go into the woods and find a branch to make me one straight away, for my birthday in October.

    You have a knack for art.

    Also love the candle layout in the first photo.

    Off Topic Peepsew – I really wish and would love to make my own (very large) pictures to hang on my wall (painted pictures that are artistic) meaning not pictures but painting art that looks just splashed unto a gigantic canvas to put on the wall.

    In other words, I want to put 3-4 large (very colorful) paintings (canvas) on my wall in living room.

    Do you have anything like this in your home? If so do you have photos?

    If you do not, do you have suggestions on the cheapest or best way to do this project?

    Goal = looks really expensive but extremely cheap

    Always wanted to try this project for wall paintings, but never had the guts I guess…

    Wonderful post, new idea, artistic and I am going to have a banana tree, that’s a real tree look-alike and soon!

    Love the Gravatar too!

    • mrsdeboots / Sep 26 2012 11:04 am

      Thank you!

      Firstly, thanks for suggesting I change my photo. I really never looked at the picture I had very closely…I looked like a praying mantis. Yikes. So, once again, oh wise one, thank you for your always helpful suggestions.

      So for the project, my husband suggested something called Liquid Nails instead of actual nails to attach the branch to prevent splitting or splintering of the branch. It’s amazingly adherent.

      How attached are you to the art being painted? I tried a project off a site called apartment therapy for making huge wall hangings. I’ve only done one, but was very happy with the results, but it’s fabric. Im sure you could use the same theroy with canvas, and paint something on your own.

      Here’s the’s probablly the easiest project i’ve done to date.

      • lizeccentric7 / Sep 26 2012 5:50 pm

        Oh, “liquid nails” does work wonderfully, have used it around the house many times (good idea vs. real nails).

        Not attached to the art being painted at all.

        Looking for a way to make large wall hangings and not have to pay $100-$500 from any store, not only that but the wall hangings purchased in the store, lack originality and personality…unless, go to an art show, and I could never afford those original pieces of art.

        Would like to put (4) large works of art to cover almost the entire wall (as the wall looks so plain).

        To add, looking for large pieces of art to add to my stairwell, which right now has nothing. The pieces would have to be huge to look right, but don’t want to spend $5000 on wall art, when I know there is a way to make such things myself, somehow.

        Don’t know if canvas, fabric, wood or even empty gigantic poster frame with art in it, would be best.

        Thought of purchasing large poster frames, painting the frames (lying a mat aka border in the frame) then adding some self-made art (splashes of paint) or having photos of landscapes enlarged (that may cost a pretty penny though).

        Looking for bright colors, and cheap any way. Don’t know if maybe you had something like this already tucked away somewhere….

        Thanks for the link, I will check it out, and this banana tree has me amazed. I do not like for my bananas to sit on the kitchen counter (don’t know why, I just hate that)..


      • nurulthecook / Sep 30 2012 9:21 pm

        Just had a look at the link! I love this kind of stuff! So simple yet elegant and beautiful! You made this??

  2. a beautiful mess / Sep 26 2012 5:08 am

    Rock star! Ingenuity at its finest. Love love.

    Hey, and here’s some ammunition to legitimize your myrtle wood score…

    Did you know?:

    -Myrtle wood is considered the rarest wood in the world.

    -For a myrtle tree that is four feet or larger in diameter, the tree is a minimum of FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD.

    -Myrtle wood is considered sacred — even holy — in certain cultures. For example, it is used in the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles.

    -Myrtle wood is the most uniquely formed type of precious wood in existence, in that no two pieces can be matched together. Each myrtle tree absorbs the minerals directly from the earth where it is planted, and depending on the type of soil the tree will develop a variety of colors, patterns, burls, and variations of all kind. For example, soil rich in iron will produce an almost incandescent black wood grain color, while the presence of nitrogen will give a sort of phosphorescent sheen to the grain pattern.

    -The myrtle tree’s origins go back to Isreal. It is, in fact, native to the Holy Lands and was only introduced to other continents later on through trade routes.

    -With the modern variations in species, you might recognize a myrtle tree as a ‘crepe myrtle.’ Let it age a few hundred years… And voilà. Now you can imagine the wood we’re discussing.

    There is a factory in Oregon that produces the wood on a large-scale manufacturing facility primarily for artistic & household purposes; other than that, you’ll be a bit hard presses to get your hands on large quality pieces of the wood. Also: it is expensive.

    Random info for the day. Nice find! 🙂

    • mrsdeboots / Sep 26 2012 11:10 am

      Wow!! That is so interesting and AWESOME!! It absolutely legitimizes my find, so THERE Shane!

      I wish I didn’t go to so many yard sales. The man I bought this from had tons of scraps of wood, but I was in a hurry to get on with my treasure hunt. I suppose it would be weird to drive around north Raleigh, creeping about from house to house, looking for a wood pile. Especially when I literally have no recollection of where I was exactly. He was really really old, so I think a craisglist ad “Looking for the man with the wood,” would not only skip it’s intended reader, but probablly garner some unwanted responses if you get what I mean. : /

      • a beautiful mess / Sep 26 2012 1:12 pm

        That made me laugh so hard I spewed my coffee all over myself. Brilliant.

      • mrsdeboots / Sep 26 2012 5:12 pm

        Yeah..I pretty much had that same reaction when I thought about it!

  3. KungFuGirl / Sep 26 2012 11:43 am

    Love the banana tree! So happy you were able to turn your find into a piece that you get to enjoy every day. 🙂

    My husband always looks askance at me because I tend to collect ephemera. What I like to collect varies. For a time, I collected the labels from fancy tea bags – the Tazo teas, like Zen, & Calm – I would save the beautifully colored pouches that the tea bags were in, along with the cup tag on each bag – I thought of making them into a collage & hanging them in the kitchen. I also save labels from wine bottles, and the foil seals of same — have a plan to make a book of them – create my own “coffee table art book.” (er, wine table art.). 😉

    Realy enjoy your site & looking at your various projects. YOu have a wonderful knack for translating your thoughts into objects …

    • mrsdeboots / Sep 26 2012 5:08 pm

      Thanks so much! I wish my hands would keep up with my brains..I have too many projects in the works. : /

      I do the same thing! Wine corks and labels, PBR beer tops (?), happy meal toys I find at yard sales..ugh. My baby eats a ton of applesauce so I buy the big jars and I wash them out and use them for storage..otherwise ENORMOUS mess.

      I think the book sounds awesome! That’s really a great idea.

  4. nurulthecook / Sep 30 2012 9:19 pm

    I love your functional art! If and when I decide to stay in one place long enough again-maybe I’ll start making things again. Too many times I’ve had to get rid of whole apartments full of ‘useful’ junk because I moved house once again. 🙂


  1. Quick one for Lizccentric! Wall art (on the cheap) « peepsew

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