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September 21, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Me & Liza Minnelli and some news!

Oh dear ill fated prijects, how thy vex me.

I have exactly eleventy billion small pictures of pin up girls, and since I have all those extra disc organizer boxes, I thought I’d file them there.  By hair color of course, as I could think of no other logical way to do so

Faced with another ugly industrial box, I decided to paint a pin up girl on the top.  Me as a pinup girl! Living the dream thru my imagination! Yay!



Then I think, wait.  This person is familiar.  Not in a mirror, but somewhere else.  Couldn’t put my finger on it.

Box was then hidden, as I didn’t want to start it over that late, or deal with the loud headache inducing laughter that would occur when Shane saw it. 

So I moped off to bed with my magnum bar, and turned on my nightly tv show of choice, Arrested Development.

Shortly thereafter, it hit me.


While I immensely respect Liza Minnelli as an entertainer, I do not want to look like her sister.  The image to the left, I googled like 1 minute ago, and it looks,like I 100% copied it.  Well, except for the pin-up-esque kissy face.


So last night, I painted in my ridiculous hair, hoping it might help.


And the answer is NO.



thanks to Lizccentric and all her arrays of awesome-ness, I have worldwide views!   She has the best advice & tips on the web.  Her blog is so cool, as you can not only find an array of info, but also passions and rants and everything I love about the internet. 

And from her site, I discovered Nuruls culinary adventures, an awesome blog with travels and food and insights I never would have thought to think.  And he was nice enough to share my hipster doll on his facebook, which is beyond flattering.

Liz, I can’t thank you enough.



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  1. lizeccentric7 / Sep 26 2012 3:15 am

    Thank you peepsew for reading and commenting on eccentric! Nurusculinary’s blog is so colorful, artistic, and LOVE his travel articles and photography…Unreal how much traveleling he has done from one side of the world to the other, (I could never travel or move that much.)

    So happy for your views! keep your chin up your stats and comments will grow, believe it took me about six months to establish trust and readership. Guess just like in real life people have to trust a new blogger. Reason being is this:

    Sometimes bloggers wait to see if a new blooger is going to cancel their blog (many people refuse to wait for their readership to grow, and quickly give-up, by shutting down blog), so some expert bloggers won’t comment until a blog has been around for a few months.

    Keep your head up and please notate this:

    My most effective tags are:

    if you tag with misc. (with period) or misc (no period) your posts will read in those tags in the reader.

    misc. and misc are popular tags, so being most of your posts are crafts, these two would be the best tags to use (my opinion.).

    Tagging posts effectively is one of the major reasons for a successful blog…that and building your little blogging community of pals, and your own sort of “group” kind of like a group in high school….ha ha.

    Funny, I have even had some of my WP pals write comments and have heated disucssions with other bloggers that have cursed at me or been rude to me in comments….so, blogging is so much like the real world sometimes, makes me laugh.

    Blogging is a great hobby, offers learning of new cultures, and extensive knowledge. Blogging increases intelligence as it makes our brains work very hard.

    Keep your chin up, keep trying, don’t give up, tag effectively, build your community….

    Thank you so much for the pingback, and note above, so kind of you!

    • mrsdeboots / Sep 26 2012 5:16 pm

      Liz, I sing of your praises! You are amazing. Insightful, inspirational, informative, infinitely ..crap. I ran out of in- starting words.

      You are so helpful, and I’m so happy that I found such a great teacher in the blogging world.

      I think misc is a great one, as I would file myself and my thoughts there! I will absolutely keep that one in mind.

      • lizeccentric7 / Sep 26 2012 5:53 pm

        Well, if you look at all my posts, almost every singe one has misc. (with period) and misc (no period).

        Read this info somewhere on an expert blogger’s blogging tips post, employed the tag, and it did raise my readership, considerably and really fast….literally overnight.

        It was sort of funny how one tag raised my readership so quickly, I was thankful to the expert blogger, and delighted to meet so many new friends here on WP, from across the globe. I have learned so much about other cultures and other people, it’s wonderful.

        Thank you for the kind words, that is so sweet!

  2. nurulthecook / Sep 30 2012 8:48 pm

    You are totally wonderful with your artistic love peepsew! Thank you for mentioning me. It’s funny I never would’ve thought I’d be reading an art blog-I can’t stand arty farty types. But it’s your person and how you write that draws me to come back! Art is love in creation! Whatever the creation may be! And you are great at it! Keep it up:-)

    • mrsdeboots / Sep 30 2012 11:01 pm

      Ha! I also cannot stand artsy people. They totally make me barf. I’m so glad you can enjoy my ridiculousness! It makes me feel super special that you enjoy what I do 🙂

      • nurulthecook / Sep 30 2012 11:15 pm

        If you should call it ridiculousness-this is the bane of my life. My life is so ridiculous it’s actually funny:-) And you are super special;-)

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