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August 10, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Artist block?

Does that even exist?

Maybe I’m in my own head too much, or I have too much external stress, but I sit at my desk and observe the mess that usually inspires me, and I just stare.

I have been trying to finish my Robert hipster doll, but the sewing takes forever, because, as is my choice, I sew it by hand.  If I could just get past the hair, I could make his clothes, which will be easy as the outfit he was wearing in the photograph is minimal at best, but I just can’t finish.

Shane is making peepsew into a .com, and there’s all this information he needs for the site, and I can’t seem to concentrate enough to get it done.

Dee’s wedding is next weekend, and I really need to get a lot more string balls done, plus print her candy bar wrappers, buy 195 Hershey bars, paste them together, print her table cards, finish her signature frame, and get everything packed and ready for the trip to Virginia Beach.  I am excited about the wedding, although somewhat nervous, as I will be leaving my B for the weekend, but maybe a break is what I need to clear my head.

I desperately want to get my office area organized, and what I really need to do that is money to buy organizational type equipment, and with limited funds, it is proving impossible.

I hope once I get the wedding stuff over with, and finish Robert, and finish my stuff so Shane can finish, I will get a sense of accomplishment so I can get myself going again.  I have so many fun new materials to work with.

Maybe the weekend will be a good one.



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  1. LizEccentric7 / Aug 14 2012 7:26 pm

    Good Afternoon! Yes, there is artist block – clutter often makes my mind stop working…I don’t know why. I am going to give some feedback. I am often quite blunt, please do not take offense.
    I will do a numbered list, as it is easier to follow.
    1) I think your writing abilities are way above what you are showing in these posts.
    2) You are intelligent, and it feels like you are holding back by not posting what you truly feel, want or need.
    3) More…More…More…about you, in the About page.
    4)Photos with a caption are a great way to advertise a post. It shows up nicely in the reader. A photo, from flickr (uncopyrighted) with your own caption draws immediate attention to your post. Travel blogs are great too.
    5) The post above left me not knowing who the people are you are talking about.
    6) Each post should be written for a new reader. I would not ever assume a person has been following your posts all along…this rarely happens.
    7) Theme – the theme doesn’t suit you. You are sophisticated, smart and a true writer. I know a writer when they comment – that is your. This theme seems a bit off for you.
    8) Widgets – I suggest moving the comments widget to the right side, and a blogroll to the right side of your blog. This will drive traffic and commenting. People love to see their own Gravatar on the blog. See how I have the comments on the side? It drives traffic to other sites.

    Draw the reader into your blog. Artsy with a bit of fartsy does not explain you….

    You have proven your writing abilities on my blog, I do not see those same abilities here.

    You may delete this comment – I will not be offended at all. Takes a ton of work to get started, but this theme probably isn’t going to make your mind think of new ideas. I had this theme once, I had zero traffic and zero comments. The theme makes a huge difference about who you are, and what you are writing about.

    What wedding? The post should be written as if people have never read anything prior.

    Trying to help…not hinder. Not helping for my own sake, but for a fellow writer.


    • mrsdeboots / Aug 14 2012 9:32 pm

      I wouldn’t dare! Thank you so much! I appreciate the help..I have relatively no idea what I’m doing a lot of the time and have the tendancy to get distracted. I wouldn’t say I’m anti internet, obviously, but as a 32 year old I’m pretty new at any kind of ‘ internet presence’ if that’s the correct terminology. I’m not an intensely private person, but, as a neurotic individual, I try not to expose too much. I do see what you mean, I should explain and share more. I’m going to re-read your helpful advice after 12, when I get to relax my brain, and I will hopefully be able to apply some of it tonight. I’d love to say I’ll apply it all, but I still have to work on wedding decorations…ugh.

      Thank you again so much…I love blunt, I love help..
      And God knows, I need it!!!

      • lizeccentric7 / Sep 15 2012 6:35 am

        Well, I guess the only advice I can offer is to write things that do not overwhelm you, perhaps short posts? Just as a start, then go longer and longer?

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