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July 19, 2012 / mrsdeboots

To finish dammit!

Move complete! Almost. Still 18 tons of crap to drop off at the thrift store.

Now. To finish:


Organization.   How to organize eleventy billion things that rarely go together? And on a $0 budget? 

Not really a project, more of a long term goal…moving on.


Wedding shower decorations. In the above photo is a fancy frame that held one of Shane’s erotic photos. Hence the hand covering.

I did manage to spray paint it during the move. It’s for like a table decoration thing.


Unfortunately the sign I’m getting the text from goes the opposite way so I’m printing to fit weird.


String balls decorations.

First time working with this stuff


I mean, really? No other name would do?  I’ve tried to avoid all obvious puns, laughing to myself about how I’m making huge balls with a product called Stiffy.  And I have to rub the balls with vaseline before I need the Stiffy. As always, humor and maturity of an 8th grade boy.

Much more to do! And all must be shipped prior to the end of the month to Virginia Beach without falling apart.  For a bridal shower for my best friend, one I can’t attend due to this damned move.

First attempt was awful. Balloon blown up too large.


I did find a fun blog called while figuring out how to make them. I love the internet.


Still gotta finish the framing job.  Gotta buy brown backing paper.


Hipster dolls.  I finally have Courtney’s photo, I just have to make her outfit.  And finish Roberts tattoos and outfit. Blerg.



What else. Oh wrestling buddy.  I was trying to have it done, cause Shane had a show the Saturday we moved..and this didn’t pan out well.  I hand sewed it at the show,  but still didn’t finish.  And I wouldn’t have sold it hand sewed anyway.  While it was decent quality, it was still very fast basting stitching and…no. just no.

Oops. Though I had a photo of it. Guess not.

If I only had a 24 hour period of nothing but finishing shit. It makes me soooo irritated.

This list doesn’t include wrestling masks all these amazing DIY things for our new house Shane sent me last night while I was sleeping.

I sold my soul to the devil to make those string balls by the way.  I went to JoAnnes in Cary.  As always, I was treated with upmost disrespect and annoyance.  I hate that place.  Must be nice to have the fabric needing people on lock. I mean, my God. Wtf.


I leave you with my cat bruise.  I tried to take a close up but of course this shit phone can’t take a decent photo and Verizon didn’t switch my insurance to my new phone, so when I filed it,  I paid $99 for the circa 2009 1st Droid ever!  Anyway.

Hopefully I will be posting updates soon! !



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  1. ooobop! / Jul 20 2012 10:37 pm

    LOL… thank you so much for my Friday night giggles! Stiffy, string balls, Frida button collages and wrestling buddies… where else can I get that lot in a one stop shop?! I do wonder where exactly your cat bruises are, but it might be a little too much information! 😉

    • mrsdeboots / Jul 21 2012 4:19 am

      Yay! ! Glad I could make your night 🙂 I think one of my main issues is finding one thing to focus on…it’s impossible. Ha! Kitty bruise is on my knee! Lmao!!

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