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June 26, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Patterns, math, comprehension, and frustration. Lots and lots of frustration.


Ah, yes.  The dress.  THE dress.  The size forty dress.

Resizing to me reads like, um, math.  There’s a lot of this goes into that, divided by this, separating into fractions, words, numbers, then it all blends together and I stop paying attention, and decide to do things my own way.

This is the first time I have sewn from a pattern I didn’t make in years.  I hate using patterns due to the massive time consumption of unfolding, cutting, ironing, ironing fabric, reading,  pinning, cutting again, reading more, etc.  While I am aware these steps are important,  I find my results-proven method of rushing, not reading, screwing up, and cursing to be more satisfying.  It does not, however, decrease much time.


These are words you should probably look for/pay attention to.  Contrary to the photo above, which shows the pattern in the correct place, be advised it was not prior to the photo.  I had everything fit into the tablecloth I had to use for the fabric (as again it is a size 40 and contains 17 pieces) and there was barely any room, and to see That 4 things were not on the fold…boo. Not cool.

Please excuse the awful photos.  Allow me to explain:

A couple months ago, I got a new phone.  Some sort of HTC Beats phone from Verizon.  Everything was going ok until I used these Beats headphone thingies, and my phone got stuck in a loop.  It turned on, went thru all that startup crap, turned itself off and restarted.  I had to call Verizon and as always, after the battery removal problem solver, I was instructed to hard reset my phone.  When they asked if I had changed or downloaded anything, I told them about the headphones and was instructed never to use them again.  When Verizon called me back for the customer satisfaction survey, and I said I wouldn’t recommended Verizon to my worst enemy, I was contacted by the powers that be at Verizon.  I was told there was no way in 20 hells that the headphones were the issue. 

Fast forward to last weekend, when my baby B cracked my screen.  I wasn’t planning on claiming that on my insurance, I can (well, could) see the screen fine.

Everything went to HELL. 

Shingles.  I’m 32, not 82.  Wtf.
Family drama.  Money drama. Employer drama.  All not mine, but extended family.  Which can be even worse.
All separate incidences, involving 8000 telephone calls to me at work, where I am barely functioning due to the horrible icky pain I am in.  Sick, sweaty, horrid pain.

All these calls, phone dead by 11.  Get up stuck in loop again.  Call Verizon.  No problem! Manufacturer warranty! Anything cosmetic defects? Oh, a cracked screen?  Nevermind, your problem.  Not doing S.  File your insurance.

Nope! So I’m back on the original Droid, from 3 years ago.  The camera sucks for some reason now and the keyboard has a tendency to stuck, so it looks like I’m writing in a stutter. 

So Verizon Wireless can go F itself.  In its wireless A. 

So no decent photos until I decide to be unstubborn. 

Sorry about all the babble.  Frustration will do that to a person.



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