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June 1, 2012 / mrsdeboots

Teeth grinding and dental anxiety..with frida..and buttons

In about 1 hour and 30 minutes I will be visiting my least favorite place, the dentist.

As a prolific tooth grinder and a person with a fear of dentistry in general, I despise the dentist.  I abhor the dentist.  I would prefer to be dead, in a coma, stuck in a 3×5 foot room with no AC clipping skin tags from the armpit and groin of an obese patient, or stuck on a desert island with monkeys (which I also hate) than go to the dentist.  I have been nothing but sick since around 8 pm and didn’t sleep worth shit last night, all due to fear. 

But Camille, you may ask, why don’t you go to the sedation dentist? Well. Those commercials make it seem so easy, when in reality twilight sedation and the like cost $500-ish dollars.  Insurance doesn’t cover it and it doesn’t exactly rain dollar bills at my house, soooo…no can do.

I do two unfortunate things when stressed. Grit my teeth as hard as I can and hold my breath.  This not only causes jaw pain and subsequent headaches, but a dizziness and chest pain.  I do these things also when I am thinking very hard about what I am doing, which is most applicable when I am making something.

Just realizing you are doing something detrimental isn’t enough to make you stop.  Ask any smoker, or alcoholic. 

Not only am I scared of the dentist, hearing him lament about the damage I am doing, it costs a hot shit ton.  My dental insurance covers $1500 worth of dental work, and the average root canal is around $2000.

I did happen to see on TV that they are now selling the adult equivalent of a flipper, which was exciting until I realized the cost.  Wait, still cheaper than a root canal…but I digress.  For those not in the know, a flipper is a device pageant girls use to have perfect teeth when theirs are either missing, or only half grown out of the gums.  This gives them an advantage in the world of glitz pageants, where perfection is required to win any crown. 

I am 32, and feel it an embarrassment to get false teeth.  While I understand the obvious positives, the stigma of false teeth, or even partial falsies is not a avenue I’d care to venture down presently.  My dad had full false teeth at 27, and I remember the first time I saw them removed, and how just unbelievably yucky it was.  And I don’t want to have a caved in face.  It’s vain, I know.  But I’m quite vain, as vain as a extremely flawed person can be.


I continued the doomed path on Frida last night, while watching the inspiring movie, Bandidas.  A movie if, not saved by the beauty of both Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, and the scence where they try to blackmail Steve  Zahn, would be kinda stupid.


Just wanted to give you a moment to be jealous of my nerdy button collection.  Organizational skills be damned, as I still have a shoebox full of buttons Peg Peg (my grandma) gave me that haven’t made it to the color coordination stage yet.

Shane is wrestling this weekend in Wilson, NC, so my time will be somewhat limited but I’m hoping to have Frida completed and framed by July 1.  The Crumb the Bum wrestling buddy is still not complete, as I am very, very, very angry with it, so unless I go on some manic dentist induced sewing spree, he will not be available for purchase this weekend. 

His website is up…so you should visit it. Shane’s an awesome web designer and wrestler and its an interesting read.

I am also starting a project for my friend I visited in VA.  She loves Curious George and rubber duckies and I used to be excellent at making these tiny little figure things of fimo clay, so I’m making her an accessory of sorts.  Maybe I can do that in Wilson.  If baby will be still for 5 seconds. 


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