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April 10, 2014 / mrsdeboots

My Kurt Cobain tribute

Ah, how trite. A girl of the 1990’s that was completely devestated by the loss of Kurt Cobain. Cry me a river.

Nawl. I cried 26,000 rivers in 1994, when my friend Molly told me over the telephone what had happened.

In every way he could’ve, he inspired me. To be myself, to see what the human body does as art intstead of ew gross yuck, to make collages out of random stuff. I dress the way I dress now because of Kurt Cobain. I started in 1993 and as I get older I think, hey, maybe it’s time to starts shopping at Talbot’s or a mature lady store. Nawl.


So this a cabinet door from Habitat for Humanity. Scuse me for tooting my own horn, but I thought my idea was rather clever, as I will drill it so if you feel dumb that particular day, hang it that way. If you feel happy, flip it upside down and hang it like that. Whamshanks. Boom. And whatnot.

April 10, 2014 / mrsdeboots

Boom say the me.


It’s been almost 8 months since I ran. I recently found out that I have spent $4,000 keeping my son thus far, and there is, at this point, no permanent custody arrangement. My anxiety is at it’s zenith, as I feel completely out of control in my entire existence, and the art I work on comes and goes. I have started and stopped a lot of projects, so many now that I have a bin where before I only had a drawer.

There’s that update, on to the actual art.

I’ve done some pretty cool stuff lately. Maybe. At least me and up to sometimes two other people think so.


















Yeah yeah, i’m not a professional photographer.  I do what I can with this iphone3.5s 20000, so whatever.


I’m going to TRY MY BEST to get back to a normal life at some point.  Until then, I shall boom my head in so you know i’m alive.

January 15, 2014 / mrsdeboots

I need a Corona, I gotta get the eff outta here, my nerves is tore up.

The above is a quote. I’ve heard her name 72 times, and I know that she’s the biggest and the meanest of all the Whites. I believe I am watching, for the 4th-idh time tonight, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.


I love it, number A.
I’m too lazy to change the tee vee number B.

Being both over and underwhelmed is difficult.

For the lovely Tomris and JJ…



Get colored buttons. Some of the ones I wanted to use, cause they looked dope, I primed and then painted.


This fabric is from a bunch of, I guess, upholstery samples? I got at thrift store.

Draw letter on fabric IN PENCIL, cause if I eff it up…blerg.




Make fancy trim..I wanted this thing to be super awesome, as Tomris is like, my classy hero lady. Gorgeous and stylish and perfectly fancy.

And that’s that.

January 9, 2014 / mrsdeboots

I’m baaacccck!!


What have I been making? Oh, too damn much to post right now.

Number A: Secret project, but most awesome thing since mermaid.

Number B: john frusciante mosaic/collage made from those paint sample things from Lowes/Home Depot. Pictures to come.

Number C: Redo-Vintage metal naked lady bottle opener, ditto on pictures.

Number D: Button initial thingy for nursery

Number E: Wedding gift-creepy tree inspiration photo but with the couples names intertwined in branches.

Number F: Personal Project-Mural of movie 300 being painted by Bob Ross with the screamy guys face on it. This is for my own self, bases on a meme.

Number G: Shadowbox of the Tapdancing Outlaw cover..or whatever it is..I gotta look on my phone. Jesco White original PBS cover.

This is a quick update, I will do photos and my usual babbling soon!!!

December 2, 2013 / mrsdeboots


I’m still alive, yet finding it incredibly difficult to block my time as I used to.

I used to spend 1/2 hour or so updating everything. This was before work, and not a scheduling thing I can do right now.

But what I am going to do is dump the random items I am working in for my RAWards RAWards in Raleigh as for some reason, I made top 3 in for NC.


So here come full on projects, and prob some memes, which if stopped tomorrow, I would die of the sads





The Killer Moustache. To date, the 2nd best thing I ever did.

Sold it before I got a good photo of it. Dammit!!!!

**of note, I had 3 really awesome bubble frames that were confiscated. Unfortunately, these have to be made with bubble frames, so eff you person for confiscating my frames. *











I think that’s pretty much all old stuff.

New stuff!!





Very important-dress choice







September 16, 2013 / mrsdeboots

How much would?

After an arguably interesting day trying to get a large dry erase board home for B, he has since decided he is a human canvas.


And he says, “See? Dey wash-a-ble. It say here.”

Kids are sponges, I know this, but it’s still this really cool trick when they actually listen and repeat what you tell them.

Anyway, last night I did several things.

1. Ignore absurd court documents.
2. Try to understand why Walmart gives me fibromyalgia like symptoms (came to the conclusion it’s due to the overstimulation of all 5 senses)
3. Spend $86 at said Walmart, tried to figure out how, then left all stuff that isn’t cold in the floor to be dealt with today.
4. Answered an email from, as someone had complained that my information was falsified.
5. Made some art!

This one I had laid out at right after Christmas. Oops. Took me a little while to get on paper.

My host family understands my need to make art, both on a creative and therapeutic level, so they have provided me with space to scatter my junk and supplies to work with. I had some stuff, but not all.

This is the layout from late December:


While drying last night


And today:


I didn’t have modpodge, so their daughter let me use her blue glue, which I think actually added to the eeriness of the idea.

I love it.

Next, I’ve been working on this dog for a bit. I had been so excited to get an actual idea immediately, I skipped necessary preparation and forgot to sand off the incredible amount of glaze, so I had it almost finished and then had to wash it all off and start over.


I’m going to do a detailed explanation of that one soon, but now I must shower.

September 9, 2013 / mrsdeboots

A lotsa letter Art aka wow! Actual art!

I’m the past 3 weeks, I haven’t done much art.

The art I have done is letter art, a very easy and inexpensive way to make some random ugly clearance item, yard sale find, or thrift store tackiness beautiful.

This was one I did for a friend prior to leaving Raleigh.

I was honestly about half happy with it. In retrospect, I think I should have used bolder colors, but she loved it so..that’s all that matters.






If this is a repost forgive me, as my brain, it’s busy. Very very busy. As is life in general. Anyway!




The picture was from a yard sale. I got two identical ones for a dollar, originally from Home Goods for $16.99 each. Ha ha!

I made it, it was perfect to me, then B went and tossed a car.


There went the glass! Oh well. He didnt get hurt, and after I coated it with acrylic several times the glass would’ve been overkill, I think.


That one was also done prior to leaving Raleigh. Sadly, I left the other print at my old house, which may or may not be in a storage shed, but that’s ok.

This one I did recently. While driving halfway around the world, I happened upon a Re-store, which is Habitat for Humanity, and they often have cool bricabrac stuff, and the print was 25 cents on canvas, I think it’s 8 x 10 ish.


That’s the only before photo I have. It was the 3rd time I lettered it. I did several lyrics, first one took too much space, the second, I just didn’t feel it fit the picture, and this was just perfect.

Because of the quote, I thought the red flower should really stand out, so I didn’t do paint like I usually do. I used white plastic primer spray paint. It’s for me, so if it lasts, awesome, if not, eh.

It’s mostly a reminder that I am done with love. And I don’t mean that in a woe-is-me way, I mean it as fact.

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and I am done with the love crap.



That’s a horrible photograph, but B is sleeping, and I’m not turning on a light just so I have a better picture. You get the jest of what it is.


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